Zodiac Chakra Set - Aquarius

$ 54.00

The perfect bracelet and natural perfume set to tickle the unique soul of the Aquarian. Aquarius is linked to the first chakra, the place of home in our bodies and the origin of manifestor energy. This collaboration with Wildcraft Co & Whiskey + Bone is available in limited quantities.  

the bracelet 

The natural soap stone bracelet includes a smoky quartz charm and a vintage Aquarius zodiac charm. Smoky quartz connects us and grounds us to our most authentic self.  

the scent

The included pocket perfume is special edition blend of notes for Aquarius’ unique blend of grounded authenticity and unconventional thinking. Lemon verbena supports Aquarian visioning, and cedar and rich sweet benzoin resin show your love for home and that which can be returned to. 

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