wholesale policies and requirements

Wild Wash Soap

Wild Wash Soap Co. makes natural soap and skin care in Kansas City by Sarah Preu. Our soap is unique because it is vegan, all natural and palm-free. We believe in clean beauty practices that respect the earth and our bodies. Commerical soapmakers use harmful compounds which enter the bloodstream through our largest organ, our skin. Preservatives, fragrances, and stabilizers found in conventional personal care products have been linked to cancer, alzheimer’s and endocrine system failures. Even our packaging is designed for minimal impact on you and the environment. We use glass/metal containers to prevent leaching of BPA and other petrochemicals into the products and thus, your skin.

We wholesale our soap for $4.50 per bar and our suggested retail price is $9 per bar; deodorant is $7.50 with a SRP of $15.

Wildcraft Co.

Wildcraft Co. is our herbalist label with products that reflect a deep connection with the earth, honoring its healing plants and energetics. Wildcraft Co. products incorporate foraged ingredients from the Midwest whenever available, and often reflect the seasonal availability of those ingredients. Our best sellers include our Sacred Perfumes, Sacred Smudge, Flower Water Toner, moisturizers, and incense kits.

Order Minimum Guidelines

$150 for the first order, $100 for subsequent orders. Order requests that do not meet the $100 minimum will be discounted at 25% of MSRP instead of the full 50% wholesale discount.