Healing Trauma Gathering

$ 55.00

We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Trauma and PTSD can occur in many different forms; traffic accidents, natural disasters, abandonment, sexual assault, and domestic violence, among others. It is important to remember that, while these events can be catastrophic and life-changing, they do not have to define, debilitate, or defeat us. 

This healing event will explore the origins and symptoms of our experiences, as well as provide education on the link between the way the mind and body respond to traumatic events. Each experience will be transformative, fiercely honest, and dive deep to uncover our inner truths that the layers of trauma can obscure. We will utilize somatic therapy practices and breathwork to access the deep places trauma is held, and unite these with nourishing Reiki and self-inquiry to tap into our innate, resounding energies. By coming together as a collective, we can begin to manifest our healing, embrace our natural intuition, and move powerfully beyond trauma's dark shadows.

To ensure that each individual feels safe, seen, heard, and supported, this series is limited to 8 participants. Bring a journal, a water bottle, a mat, and your unique, resplendent soul.

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