Reiki Level II - The Lightworker's Path

$ 235.00

The lightworker senses the truth of many situations and intuits their way through life, often seeing what others cannot. This workshop for Reiki Level Two will ignite new tools for empaths and other energy workers to support them in their walk on the path of the lightworker. We will experience the Reiki II placements and integrate them into a practice that we can use on family, friends, or clients. Our calling is to be carriers of universal love and to relay the message there is no limit to the love available to us and others, and to have this knowledge embodied within us. 


Sunday, April 14th


studio 210 @ the Bauer 

Each recipient will receive a Reiki Level II certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training and coaching to prepare them for beginning their own public-facing reiki practice.

* Refunds are not available for workshops, but should a conflict arise, I make every attempt to offer space in a subsequent class. If that doesn't work, we may arrange individualized study. 

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